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Attitude & Altitude

Can a conversation with a taxi driver alter your life’s journey?


Recently I was very privileged to have a conversation with what I can only describe as an amazing human “being” – a taxi driver.  He told me he was 80 and when asked why he wasn’t retired and taking life easy, he said his wife had died recently and he had nobody to talk to at home.  I though how sad and lonely that must be but he proceed to tell me that he took up taxi driving because he enjoyed chatting to customers.

He told me he had come through throat cancer, a heart attack, a stroke and recently had his knee replaced.  His friend introduced him to music and as a result he has been going to college, learning music for the last 3 years.  I told him he was amazing and asked what was his secret?  He replied “two things, attitude and altitude”.  I asked what he meant and was blown away when he said “It’s all down to how I look at things, my “attitude” and my love of sky diving or “altitude”.  His last sky dive was in February of this year!  He also uses Facebook!  Hands up anybody who would like to be this adventurous, tech savvy and active at 80 plus!

So can we broaden our horizons of understanding of life by studying our taxi driver?    How many widows or widowers are home alone and lonely?  How difficult must life be when a life-partner dies and leaves you all alone?  How many days might you go without talking to another adult?  What determination and resilience must it take to face up to this new stage of life?  If our mental and physical health allow, we can seek out social interaction and new challenges.  However, if our physical health restricts our movement, life’s horizons becomes limited.  Likewise if anxiety or depression are present, it might accelerate loneliness by resisting social interaction and increasing isolation.  Can we be proactive like this taxi driver?  How can we continue “being” when life as we knew it is no more?  Our taxi driver resisted isolation, he sought out social interaction – human company through his taxi business.  He engaged in new learning.  He maintained a positive attitude and took on new challenges in life and online.  And what can we do?  We can begin by questioning our attitude to life.  Are we on a roundabout, just going round and round?  In other words are we living without questioning our thoughts and behaviours?  Are we caught in ground-hog day, denying ourselves the opportunity to grow, to learn from our experiences.  We can take time out to consider ourselves, our family and our neighbours.  Let’s keep an eye out in our family and neighbourhood for somebody who might be a lonely and give a gentle check-in to ascertain how they’re coping.  Or how about visiting a local Nursing or Retirement Home. Maybe our visit could brighten somebody’s day and we might even be takenaback by how positive that makes us feel!

I wish you a day filled with happiness in your own company or in the company of others!



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It’s Weird!

I realise that I’m changing…

It’s weird but today for the first time ever, I caught myself actually noticing the small square white bar of soap in my hands as I ran my hands under the tap in the bathroom sink.  The soap felt smooth and luxurious on my skin as I encouraged the suds around and between my fingers.


I must have washed my hands a million times before but today was different…I came into the moment and it was a surreal and yet very, very real.

Adrift yet anchored!

2014-10-23 08.55.43via Daily Prompt: Adrift

Some days…

I’d like to float adrift on fluffy white clouds.

…I’d like to feel weightless without a care or worry in the world.

… … I’d like to break free from my anchor to wander without aim in any direction.

Most days…

I could only dream of floating adrift leaving those cares and worries behind

But Today…

I know I can set my thoughts free with every word I write!

Ring of Kerry

Scatter your thoughts…

As we age, we change how we think, how we feel and how we behave. We drop old habits and seek out new. Enjoy scattering your thoughts…some go unseen and blow away on the breeze but some nourish the ground they fall on.




Day 14: A Door in Dublin

Irish doors open to a warm heart and a promise of more to come…

Soo Nathan


This one took a long time. All the stones and the bricks and tiles and the rubble wall, and that lovely green-blue door right in the center. This door is in Dublin, Ireland, and it is beautiful.

Photo reference not mine.

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Day 21: Teardrops

S.Nathan….beautiful, simplistic. I’m sharing another of her beautiful work. I hope all tears, as we let them escape, like birds, arise and set our emotions free.

Soo Nathan


I don’t know the exact geometric word for a teardrop as a 2D shape, but here it is. Teardrop shapes make birds on a wire. There’s a Leonard Cohen reference somewhere in here.

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Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames


Fan your fire, don’t be afraid,

Light your flame, to the max.

Arise, awake your interest

Move your mind to a better place

2012-02-14 17.54.48 Each step at a time, educate

Seal your fate.

Day 10: Dahlia

Beautiful work and comment…”Being graceful under pressure, staying strong during testing times. I think we could all do with a bit of that”.

Soo Nathan


Dahlias stand out in a crowd. They’re big, they’re bold, they come in a plethora of colors and hues, and they’re generally showstoppers. If you were using them in a bouquet, you’d probably only want to use one or two. Otherwise, if you were looking to cover ground with them, they’re oft used as a bedding plant.

I was debating between purple dahlias and the white ombre ones, between the types that are nearly spherical and those which look like lotuses. I couldn’t decide, so I ditched all of them and went for the types with the slightly ruffle-y petals and a pink orange. Pretty common, but I had fun with the layers and layers of petals.

As for what dahlias are associated with, there are a number of meanings, but most of them tend towards inner strength. Being graceful under pressure, staying strong during testing times. I think we…

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