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Struggling to write…here Live to Write – Write to Live shares a great recipe!

Ask a writer (any writer) for advice on the craft and chances are at some point you’ll hear the age-old adage “write about what you know.” In other words, write about what you (not someone else) have learned and experienced in your life. It’s actually some of the best writing advice out there. When you […]

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My top 6 insights from an hour in an antique shop!

Last Saturday we decided to go browsing in an antique shop. This was something new for us. My husband had watched a few tv programmes on buying antiques and had been telling me about it and our curiosity had been piqued. We thought we’d take a look for ourselves.


We must have browsed for over an hour and came away with only one small purchase but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realised there was more to learn from a visit to an antique shop than I had initally thought.


I realised…


1.  Seeing new things on tv and talking about them is one thing but actually acting on it to make it happen in real life is a whole different experience!


2.  Regularly setting yourself a new project or goal can provide opportunity for self development, enhance your communication and social skills and improve your mental and physical health into the bargain.


3.  Think twice before you dismiss people or items in your life just because they are around you a long time.  Maybe, try looking at them from a different angle, you just might not be seeing their real value.


4.  Think before you part with your hard earned cash. Do you really need something? Remember there are more important things in life than materialistic possessions.


5.  Be prepared to haggle.  Nothing in life is certain but be confident enough to ask questions, seek answers, show respect for expert advice, and learn to value your own judgement.


6. This is the little vase that caught my eye.




It is brass with an enamel finish. It only cost me 6 euro (after haggling!).  But it has taught me a lot and helped me remember that often it’s the little things in life that are important and that can bring so much happiness.


Did you try something new recently? Did you learn anything new from the experience? I’d love to hear what you learnt.


Like life….this story is to be continued! Please join me again soon…

Lovely quote, but the real challenge is to remain a child after you grow up!

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Dear Writer, You need more magic in your life.

I’ve just completed a four day Adlerian Network of Ireland Summer School Workshop called Living Confidently and my role was an inner child creator! Nourish your inner child….as Jamie says “We all need magic in our lives” What magic did you find today?

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Hidden Magic (Instagram: @suddenlyjamie)

Do you ever plunk yourself down, pen in hand, and feel like there’s nothing left? Do you ever come to the keyboard and only to find that your inspiration has been thoroughly depleted? You don’t have to answer. I’m betting you’ve had similar experiences. Some people call it writer’s block. Other’s call it life fatigue. Whatever name you give it, there’s a can’t-miss solution to get you back on track: get more magic in your life.

You see, magic begets magic. When you make more room in your life for magic, you’ll find that it fuels your creativity like nothing else. Even better, finding magic is easy. You can do it in the spare moments of your day. All you need to do is keep your eyes open. It’s there, all around you.

I wrote the following column for my local paper, but I’m hoping it…

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Rich Heart!

So true…simply do not judge….full stop!



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Feeling Confident is…

Today I attended the first day of the 26th Adlerian Summer School in Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, Ireland.


The workshop I chose is entitled “Living Confidently”.


We were encouraged to write a short piece from the stand point of already feeling confident, thanks to the wave of a magic wand.


See what you think…20170702_154453

Feeling confident is… a warm fuzzy feeling like luxurious new bedsocks that remind me that it’s ok to say ‘no’ to something I’m uncomfortable with but it’s also ok to say ‘yes’ to something I’m unsure of because I know I’ll figure it out as I go along and I can always seek out help along the way.

Feeling confident is… an omnipresent feeling of peace and relaxation that enables me to be the best I can be.

Feeling confident is… having a sense of connection with those around me but also knowing that I count; I am an important part of their lives.

Feeling confident is… stepping a little further into the unknown with complete courage and knowing that I am capable enough to take the ups with the downs.

Feeling confident is… having an abundance of happiness and fulfilment and knowing that whatever my day consisted of I gave it my best and it was and I was good enough!

Pastels, patience and practice!


I’m off work for 10 weeks and I want to try new experiences if they present themselves to me or if something appeals to me.  I love fresh flowers and lots of colour. This evening I came across a photo of pansies on my husband’s phone and using my daughter’s discarded pastels from an art course she did a few years ago, I sat down to just give it a go…and as you can see it’s pretty amature, I have no sense of scale so it is out of proportion. I could rip it up at a minutes notice but I’m not going to because I am just slightly pleased with it! I haven’t drawn or painted since secondary school (1985)!!

I think I can learn something from this humble experience…It reminds me to…

  1. give things a go,
  2. give it my best effort,
  3. have realistic expectations,
  4. realise that it is good enough as it is,
  5. that I am growing and my skills will grow with me,
  6. to be grateful for new opportunities,
  7. to accept constructive feedback and compliments (it’s an Irish thing being slow to accept compliments),
  8. to encourage others to step outside their comfort zones
  9. to be patient and keep practising for as long as I find it enjoyable,
  10. to most of all, have fun!                                                          Have you tried something new lately?

Sunny or Shady?

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I’m surplus to requirement…

yes in the eyes of my employer of the past nine years, a Government body, the Department of Education, it’s holiday time and I’m not needed…

I’m a Government employee, a civil servant and schools and education centres close until the beginning of September. This can make me feel far from sunny. But there’s an upside to that…

I get 10 weeks holidays, yes an amazing 10 weeks to do with as I will and that makes me feel all excited and sunny! But there’s a down side to that…

I’m not really on holidays, I am unemployed. I have to register with the Department of Social Protection because once my entitlement to a few weeks built up holiday pay is used up I will be dependent on a weekly welfare payment. The prospect of facing that appointment and admitting I’m unemployed and dependent on welfare makes me feel far from sunny but there’s an upside to that…

I get the opportunity to stand in the shoes of somebody who is unemployed and dependent on welfare. I also get to be on the receiving end of the services of a Government employee, a civil servant. A civil servant just like me but there’s a down side to that…

It makes me wonder if as a Government employee I am approachable, respectful and if I give the best service I can to the students who access our service.  But there’s an up side to that…

It gives me the opportunity to reflect on how my students feel when they access the services of a Government employee, a civil servant, like me. Everytime they interact with me I have the opportunity, the choice and the power to be a positive or negative force in their life. I have the power to label students as awkward, moody or disruptive or I can choose to look beyond their behaviour to seek out the hidden issue.  I can help turn a negative into a positive. I can play a part in helping someone change a moment from shady to sunny!

It’s those moments that make being surplus to requirement and unemployed ok…because I choose sunny!


Better Together

What a thought provoking post…who or what provides the spokes that enhance your wheel?

Wind Kisses

Interesting to think it is the spokes of a wheel that hold it together, strengthen it, and help it move along; even when there are bumps in the road.

Anyone else along for the ride?

I did mention we are better together; didn’t I?

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